Racing driver or super hero?

Those of you who know me understand that I spend my a great deal of my time studying excellence and what makes high performers ‘tick’. I’m also a big fan of cars and Formula 1. So, I was inspired to read about Alex Zanardi who after an average career with Williams F1 re-joined the USA Cart series. These cars travel around a large oval and with speeds of up to 250 mph, thrills ansd spills ate guaranteed. Well, in 2001, Alez had a terrifying accident where his car was T boned by another car at 170 mph. This accident resulted in him losing both his legs.

Sad story? Yes! But this story becomes an inspirational one after we learn that Alez not only learnt to walk again using prosthetic legs but also returned to motor sport campaigning BMWs in the World Touring Car Championships for 4 years.

And then; to further challenge himself, Alez retired from motorsport and has become the World Champion hand bicycle rider; and is currently training for the London para-Olympics.

What’s the moral? Why don’t YOU let me know what YOU can learn from this amazing person’s story…!

Happy Christmas to one and all

Graham Martin