Strengths & Weaknesses!

Well, last week I was delivering a CV & interview tips masterclass (sounds a bit too grand, doesn’t it!) at the Enfield Jobs Fair organised by MP Nick De Bois and opened by London Mayor, Boris Johnson. During the Q & A session after the seminar, one lady wanted to know how to deal with her “weakness”! Fair enough I said, bring it on! After all, I AM The Recruitment Guy and I know my ‘stuff’. The problem this lady had was that she was Continue reading →

Makes you feel great inside!

Of course, the life of a recruiter can make you jaded at times! But also it can almost make you weep with appreciation about how fantastic some people can be. Long story short…a client was looking to recruit an engineer. We had lots of great applications but we also had one from a guy who looked great on paper but who had been at home nursing his dying wife. Now after his wife died, he kinda fell to bits…but he wants to start working again! Continue reading →

Am I too grumpy or what!

OK, this has been been bugging me for a week. I’m not sure if I’m too grumpy or if I’m being un-reasonable. My recruitment business is currently recruiting for trainee and experienced recruiters. For us and also for other recruitment firms that get us to recruit for them. It’s what we do; and have done for nearly 25 years. Just after Xmas a guy applied to me directly for a job with us and managed to spell RECRUITMENT correctly only twice and managed to spell Continue reading →

Who wants graduates who can’t add up!

Just before the New Year, I interviewed a 22 year old with a 2:1 in Business Administration & Finance for a client looking for a management trainee paying up to £20k. Despite a reasonable number of GCSEs at C grade and above, 4 A levels and intermediate Excel he was not able to give me the answers to these basic maths questions WITHOUT using a calculator…1000 divided by 50, if we mark up a £150 product by 20% what is the new sale price and Continue reading →

Racing driver or super hero?

Those of you who know me understand that I spend my a great deal of my time studying excellence and what makes high performers ‘tick’. I’m also a big fan of cars and Formula 1. So, I was inspired to read about Alex Zanardi who after an average career with Williams F1 re-joined the USA Cart series. These cars travel around a large oval and with speeds of up to 250 mph, thrills ansd spills ate guaranteed. Well, in 2001, Alez had a terrifying accident Continue reading →

Are you really hiring who you think you are hiring..?

The following never happened of course! A client interviews two candiadtes; both very similar. They are both ‘pipped to the post’ by someone else. Months later, the client decides to recruit one of the two candidates who were not offered originally. Without re-interviewing, the ‘chosen ‘ candidate is offered the role and pitches up on the first day at work! And guess what ? The client offered the WRONG guy the job! He mixed up the names…as luck would have it, the ‘wrong guy’ turns Continue reading →

The Job Club

I am often asked to talk at schools, colleges and job clubs in the UK. I was recently invited to host a job club event helping the long term unemployed find work. It’s sad that so many people have forgotten that finding work is in itself, a full time occupation. The number of people who spent an hour a day (or less) job hunting amazed me…it really did! Most were looking on line once every few days and that was it. They were off walking Continue reading →