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I am Graham Martin , The Recruitment Guy.

In my 30th year at the sharp end of recruitment , I am have interviewed over 10,000 people looking to move jobs and having personally helped more than 1787 (and counting) people find permanent work and many more thousands obtain temporaries opportunities, I am one of the UK’s most experienced hands on recruiters. Rather than grow a massive recruitment business I have focused on what I’m good at;interviewing, meeting business owners and helping people like YOU.

Over 3 decades (it’s true, I’m in my 50’s) I have honed my skills and intuition so that when combined with psychometric profiling and objective skills testing, I really do know what makes people ‘tick’. Without boasting too much I’ve become so good at things that the job hunters I work with on a one to one basis benefit from my my outstanding 3:1 interview to job offer success ratio. On average people go for 10 interviews before they are offered, my candidates only attend three! 

My weekend ‘Careers Clubs’ for job seekers are well attended and I provide 1:1 Careers Coaching on an international basis, working with job hunters across the English speaking world; notably USA, UK, South Africa, Canada and Australasia. These sessions are via Sykpe and in Central London or Harrogate, Yorks.

My specialities include IT, sales, engineering,logistics, marketing, accounting & finance, management and board level appointments.

I’ve also gained a reputation for working with school/college and university leavers who have not yet decided what career path to follow and feel a little lost. At the other end of the spectrum, older workers seek me out to coach them after redundancy or when they decide to change direction.

An accomplished speaker, I have presented to thousands of secondary school  and college students across the UK regarding careers advice, ‘How To Get The Best From Work Experience Week’, ‘How To Succeed At Interview’ and more recently ‘How To Survive The Robot Revolution’.

So, how can I help YOU specifically?

The reality is that very few people are ever taught how to get a job. We pick things up along the way, don’t we? Lesson learned the hard way by making own mistakes (some more than once!). Advice from parents and siblings and friends. Some basic tips from teachers and careers advisors, few of whom have ever applied for a job outside of education. And most of this advice is plain WRONG or out of date. Why the vital skill of knowing how to get a job (along with personal finance management, personal development and how to get along with people) are not part of the curriculum beats me! I see it every day, great people at all ages who have no idea how to write a CV, how to find and secure a new job or how to get promoted. Add to that the number of people who are clearly in the wrong career because they took a wrong turn or ‘fell into’ a job and we have a poorly informed, unhappy and ‘lost’ people out there. DISCUSS AI

People like YOU, your spouse, your children, parents, friends and co-workers.

Well, relax..I can help YOU and those you care for.

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In the meantime click here for a FREE copy of my “How To Get Promoted” checklist…what ever your age or career sector, I guarantee that this FREE report will help you get promoted.

  • One to one Careers Coaching
  • School, college & university leavers careers mentoring
  • Monthly Careers Club CDs
  • Talks in Schools. I offer three presentations
  • Employer Work Shops and presentations
  • Psychometric analysis and objective skills assessments.

With the Governor of The bank of England, Mark Carney predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) will obliterate 35% of all jobs in the UK by 2030; today’s students, undergraduates and graduates need to be aware of the seismic shift that is currently changing almost everything about the way we live and work. With 95% of accountants themselves predicting that AI or self learning accounting software will destroy many of their traditional practices; it’s time to re-consider such historically ‘safe’ professions. Lawyers, bankers, investment analysts’ careers will be severely impacted. In fact any function that is predictable and routine WILL be taken over by AI. Of course, MacDonalds has already invested millions of dollars in creating vending-only take away outlets and restaurants putting at risk 1.4 million staff across the world, but do you realise that AI is already x 4 more effective at detecting some cancers than the human eye? Don’t spend 13 years qualifying as a radiographer!

But, what are THE jobs to focus on, which careers will be aided by AI but not destroyed. Will any positions NOT be affected? Let me tell your audience…

My book “How to Recruit & Retain (The Right) Staff” is available on Amazon and my presentations “How To Stop Hiring Idiots” and “How To Get People To Want To Work For You” are controversial and thought provoking.

My You Tube videos, notably the series for Employers, Job Seekers and the careers interviews ‘How To Become A…’ have obtained international renown and my content is used in class rooms for careers lessons across the English speaking world, including the USA, South Africa, Canada & Australia. My content has been viewed over 3 million times.


Please email  me help@therecruitmentguy.com for more information.

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