Great Books

Over the last 30 plus years I have read and read and read. Maybe it was something to do with being an only child? My parents used to drop me off at WH Smith in St Albans, Hertfordshire when I was about 8 or so and leave me there whilst they went shopping.

I just LOVE books. I spent hours in the library in Potters Bar, the town where I grew up and that’s where most of my money went until I discovered girls and cars !

Anyway, becoming an Amway distributor when I was 19 meant an introduction to personal development via books and cassettes. Remember, this was 1981!!

My very first book was How To Win Friends & Influence People followed up by The Magic of Thinking Big. I still recommend these classics as a brilliant foundation to any self development library. I believe that investing in your own library will help you on your life journey.

Jim Rohn said some great things but one of my favourites is “Don’t just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it”.

These are my favourite authors and every month I’ll review a book for you to consider. Subjects covered include personal development, sales, psychology, health & nutrition, inspirational biography, recruitment practice, sports coaching, marketing, personal finance & investment strategy

Gavin Ingham
Gavin is a personal friend of mine, so I am somewhat biased! Gavin is a keynote speaker, sales guru, author and trainer via his audio/CD products. Nice chap too, even if he is from Yorkshire (God’s own country-phah! That’s got to be Cornwall!) Anyway, he has a fabulous website that’s REALLY worth checking out. He has a wealth of motivational & sales books, CDs & DVDs but I particulary love “Objections, Objections, Objections” and his management book “How To Motivate People”.

Nigel Risner
Nigel is one of my own personal coaches and I rate him most highly. His approach is somewhat ‘in your face’ but that suits me just fine. He is an international personal development coach, sales trainer, keynote speaker, author and mentor. He has a range of products on his website and I can highly recommend his books The Impact Code and It’s A Zoo Around Here.

Vince Lombardi

Jim Rohn
The late, great Jim Rohn who was Anthony Robbins mentor AND employer in his early days. I love all Jim’s works and had the joy of seeing him speak in Stoke On Trent back in the 1990s. He was a really humble individual and spoke with eloquence and common sense. His audio programmes are highly respected and his books are prized. Check out “The Seasons of Life” and the “Treasury of Quotes” If you only read the work of ONE personal development coach, Jim Rohn is, in my opinion..The King!

Brian Tracey
Brian Tracey has published a vast number of books and audio programmes. Titles cover sales, personal development and life skills.

Anthony Robbins
Tony Robbins did much to popularise the personal development movement. A big guy with big goals, he had a helicopter and a castle. His seminars were the stuff of legend and often over ran into the small hours of the morning. Exciting & inspirational, this is where I did my first fire walk. His books and audio/visual programmes have sold by the million. Probably his best known work is “Awaken The Giant Within”. A real classic that still stands the test of time

Dr Steven Covey
Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a technical manual for excellence. I found it a hard read but worth persevering with. I also watched the good doctor deliver a program at Wembly arena in the 1990s; his voice is very soothing and is great if you struggle with insomnia!

Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy is MR Marketing and the author of the renowned series of “No BS” books. He has written 14 books and has many audio programmes to his name. Just check out eBay!

Gary Vay Ner Chuck
Crush It

Tom Peters
In Search of Excellence
The Persuit of Wow

John Maxwell

Simon Hazeldeane
Bareknuckle Selling
Bareknuckle Negotiating

Andre Agassi

Jim Camp
Starting With No
Dr John Gray

Robbie Burns

Dr Susan Jeffers
Rich Dad, Poor Dad


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