Am I too grumpy or what!

OK, this has been been bugging me for a week. I’m not sure if I’m too grumpy or if I’m being un-reasonable. My recruitment business is currently recruiting for trainee and experienced recruiters. For us and also for other recruitment firms that get us to recruit for them. It’s what we do; and have done for nearly 25 years. Just after Xmas a guy applied to me directly for a job with us and managed to spell RECRUITMENT correctly only twice and managed to spell it incorrectly FIVE times including RECRERUITERMENT & RECRUITMUNT!! I was pretty ‘miffed’! Why on earth he could not use spell check, I have no idea. When I emailed him to explain why I could not take him seriously, he got upset with me. He said he’d paid for someone to write his CV for him…amazing! Was I too harsh? I want to hire people who can spell but also who have common sense….
What do you all think?

One thought on “Am I too grumpy or what!

  • Mike Franklin

    Reminds me of something on my office wall which reads ….. ”Too weeks ago I cudnit efen spelt estaite agant – and now I an one!”

    A poor education can sometimes be excused as it’s not always the candidate’s fault – but what is their fault is not understanding the importance of checking their application to make sure it’s as right as possible (as you say, spell check is available to all, free of charge)
    If they can’t do that what chance have they got of dealing with your clients and customers properly ?

    Anyway – good luck with the recrootmunt


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