I am Graham Martin , The Recruitment Guy.

In my 30th year at the sharp end of recruitment at Orchard Recruitment, I am one of the UK’s most experienced hands on recruiters, having personally helped more than 1800 people find permanent work and many more thousands obtain temporaries opportunities.

With out being too boastful, the job seekers that I arrange interviews for benefit from my outstanding 3:1 interview to job offer success ratio. On average people go for 10 interviews before they are offered, my candidates only attend three! Having interviewed more than 10,000 job hunters I have honed my skills and intuition so that when combined with psychometric profiling and objective skills testing, I really do know what makes people ‘tick’.

I cover management, marketing and accounts/finance roles.

An accomplished speaker, I have presented to thousands of secondary school  and college students across the UK regarding careers advice, ‘How To Get The Best From Work Experience Week’, ‘How To Succeed At Interview’ and more recently ‘How To Prepare For The Robot Revolution’.

With the Governor of The bank of England, Mark Carney predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) will obliterate 35% of all jobs in the UK by 2030; today’s students, undergraduates and graduates need to be aware of the seismic shift that is currently changing almost everything about the way we live and work. With 57% of young accountants themselves predicting that AI or self learning accounting software will replace many entry level roles in the profession; it’s time to re-consider such historically ‘safe’ professions. Lawyers, bankers, investment analysts’ careers will be severely impacted. In fact any function that is predictable and routine WILL be taken over by AI. Of course, McDonalds has already invested millions of dollars in creating vending-only take away outlets and restaurants putting at risk 1.4 million staff across the world, but do you realise that AI is already x 4 more effective at detecting some cancers than the human eye? Don’t spend 13 years qualifying as a radiographer!

But, what are THE jobs to focus on, which careers will be aided by AI but not destroyed. Will any positions NOT be affected? Let me tell your audience…

My Private Careers Coaching Clients via benefit from 4 hours a month with me over a three month period. These coaching sessions invariably include some life coaching as those wanting more from their career often want to address other issues and improve in other including personal finances, relationships, health and fitness.

My members only resource for job hunters, promotion seekers and career changers www.careersbootcamp.co.uk is stuffed full of videos and down load resources. I have recorded new, bang up to date material including how to write an outstanding CV, how to find the jobs that are never advertsised, interview preparation and advice, how to resign and how to get the best out of your first week. A Communication  Skills Masterclass video series will help you identify immediately which of the FOUR personality types you’re going to be interviewed by and how to communicate in their own ‘style’.  Each month you’ll receive TWO 45 minute webinars, firstly answering real life careers and job hunting questions, a spot light on on area in particular plus book reviews and more. Secondly, a 45 minutes careers expert interview, passing on the life and careers hacks from careers specialists. It’s available to access on a month to month basis with a 28 day no quibble money back guarantee.   www.careersbootcamp.co.uk

My book “How to Recruit & Retain (The Right) Staff” is available on Amazon. and my hard hitting presentation “How To Stop Hiring Idiots” is aimed at business groups and SME company managers and directors

My You Tube videos, notably the series for Employers, Job Seekers and the careers interviews ‘How To Become A…’ have obtained international renown and my content is used in class rooms for careers lessons across the English speaking world, including the USA, South Africa, Canada & Australia. With a massive You Tube audience, my content has been viewed over 3 million times.


Graham Martin

The Recruitment Guy

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