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Thank you for purchasing The 17 Steps To Job Hunting Success. I really enjoyed recording it as I hope you can tell.

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Graham Martin

The Recruitment Guy

Welcome to The 17 Steps To Job Hunting Success…WATCH THIS FIRST!

Introduction to The 17 Steps To Job Hunting Success

Video 1-What Type of Job Are You Looking For

Video 2-What Kind of Organisation Are You Really Looking To Join

Video 3-Where To Find Jobs

Video 4-How To Write A Winning CV

Video 5-Cover Letters

Video 6-Direct Approaches

Video 7-Follow Up Calls

Video 8-Pre-Interview Prep

Video 9-Questions

Video 10-Role Playing

Video 11-Know Where You Are Going

Video 12-Dress Code

Video 13-What To Take With You

Video 14-Books And Bags

Video 15-Tell Them You Like It!

Video 16-How To Follow Up!

Video 17-Final Tip & Good Luck

These 17 Steps will 100% work for YOU if you 100% work the 17 Steps. Finding work in any market takes focus and dedication. I know that YOU have what it takes. Go for it.
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Graham Martin. The Recruitment Guy. 

Cornwall, UK.